The elaboration starts in the vineyard, placed in this privileged cultivation area, with vines developed out of a selection of clones of very high enologic quality, supported by the careful attention given to the vine’s selected training system, their ripeness control, according to the needs of each variety. This task is carried out by our engineers and enologists.

The harvest is manual, selecting only the best bunches and transporting them in plastic boxes, which allow the fruit to stay in better shape and avoid the grapes from being crushed.

Once the boxes are in the winery, they are deposited in cold chambers where the temperatures are very low, obtaining grape colour and aroma intensification and when the typical quality of each variety stands out.

A careful selection is performed where any defective grapes or remaining leaves are extracted to then proceed to the removal of stems from the bunches. Berries are transported to cement vats, they are macerated at low temperatures, then selected yeasts are added to start fermentation, in which the respective temperature controls are carried out. The corresponding pumping over is performed in order to benefit color extraction from the skin.

Once the fermentation is complete, racking is done to separate solids from liquids and skins are then pressed with the objective of extracting the wine they still contain. Once this stage is finished and stabilized, the wine is filtered and fractioned, then destined to the line of young and fruity wines; and the wine that is destined for storage is transported to oak vats. Our range of wines presents fruity, expressive and exotic wines, with suggestive aromas and flavours, genuine for each variety.

Bodega Familia De Marchi. Arroyo El Molino s/n El Peral. Mendoza.