The De Marchi family has its own production, divided in two lands, located at the Tupungato Valley, 1000 m above sea level and close to the Andean mountain range.

This area is characterized by large daily thermal amplitudes, warm days and cold nights that provide an optimal microclimate for vine cultivation, obtaining wines of intense colours and extremely expressive aromas.

Cultivated Areas
Red Varieties:
Malbec - 45 hectares
Merlot - 4 hectares
Bonarda - 6 ha.
Tempranillo - 2.6 ha.
Aspirant Bouchet - 0,6 ha.
White Varieties:
Sauvignon Blanc - 6.7 ha
Chardonnay - 6 ha.

Wine-Training System
Low Vertical shooting
Pie franco
Vine spread: 1,25mts
Row spread: 2,50mts
Protected with anti-hail mesh.

  Irrigation system
Traditional, through ditches that distribute the mountain water from defrost, complemented with water that comes from the subsoil of our land.

Harvest Method
Manual, in plastic boxes.
Bodega Familia De Marchi. Arroyo El Molino s/n El Peral. Mendoza.